Corridor Digital, Studio71, Go90 Team Up For ‘Battlefield’ Action Series

Video game-inspired action is coming to Go90. The mobile-first video platform operated by Verizon will be the home ofRush, an upcoming series set in the world of the Battlefield game franchise and created by special effects wizards Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer of Corridor Digital.

Rush takes its name from the Battlefield game mode of the same name. Rather than telling a story about a single protagonist, Corridor Digital is looking to simulate the look and feel of a hectic multiplayer match. To that end, the main characters in Rush will fit into the roles utilized by the gamers who play Battlefield online, and the show’s action sequences will attempt to adapt some of the crazy Battlefield moments that have made it onto the Internet in recent years.

To create Rush, Corridor Digital is working with its partner network Studio71. “It’s definitely our biggest project ever, but in comparison to other action movies, we have just shavings to work with, so our goal on set was to stretch it as far as we possibly could,” said Gorski in a trailer video for Rush. “We kind of managed to cobble together all the essentials for an awesome Battlefield piece while still being on a relatively low budget. We’re really happy with what we managed to pull together.”