Tubefilter: Fullscreen’s ‘Girls Night In’ Stars Share Their Screens Using New Feature

ve women with big followings on the Internet are currently on the road, and one of their tour’s presenting sponsors has provided them with a fun new element they can add to their shows., a mobile-first streaming video service, has announced a number of updates, including the launch of a screen-sharing feature called Beam that is being put to use during Fullscreen’s Girls Night In tour.

Beam is designed in order to allow’s most popular users to share their streams with fans who would otherwise not be able to meaningfully interact with their favorite broadcasters. The feature becomes available to those who have entered’s upper echelon, either by being starred or verified, or by reaching level 15 in the app’s gamified social structure.

Once a user unlocks Beam, he or she can activate it a single tap. From there, viewers can volunteer to be looped into to the stream, and the active broadcaster can invite them in one at a time. A employee demonstrated the new feature in a short video: