TubeFilter: Studio71 Signs Actor Verne Troyer, Adding To Its Roster Of Mainstream Celebs

Following its blockbuster deal with The Rock, multi-channel network Studio71 has signed yet another traditional entertainer to its illustrious roster: Verne Troyer.

Troyer is perhaps best known for his role as Mini-Me in the hit Austin Powers franchise, though he also has a burgeoning YouTube channel, which he launched in April 2015 and which today counts over 200,000 subscribers. In addition to gaming battles, Q&As, and vlogs, Troyer has also posted collaborations with bold-faced YouTubers including Logan Paul,Roman Atwood (below), and Philip DeFranco.

“Verne’s worked with some of the biggest brands in the traditional space for years, and we’re excited to expand his reach and connect him with brands looking to grow their digital presence and develop new creative properties,” said Studio71 president Dan Weinstein in a statement. Weinstein noted that Troyer came onto the company’s radar after his series of high-profile collabs.