Tubcon: Tubecon Scandinavia’s biggest YouTuber convention sets a new audience record with 19 000 visitors.

The biggest YouTuber event in the Nordics brought 19 000 fans, creators and industry members together in Helsinki, Finland on August 12th and 13th 2016 for a two-day-long Tubecon event.

The third annual Finnish Tubecon event showcased over 300 Finnish YouTubers and creators. Tubecon has been organised in Helsinki’s Hartwall Arena since 2014 and the size of the audience has doubled every year.

The Tubecon Industry Day speaker program featured high-profile digital video executives like Max Polisar (AwesomenessTV), Mickey Meyer (JASH), Pascal Van Laere (Google) and the White House’s first official videographer, Arun Chaudhary.

Tubecon offers a unique way for creators to build their dream event while remaining in creative control through its co-creative method. As part of the event format, Tubecon is giving back to the community. In Helsinki, Tubecon opened recently a new Creator Space that provides studio facilities for all creators.  

Tubecon is currently preparing to create a event network and expand into several new markets. In addition to more new arena-sized convention events, Tubecon will also introduce a nationwide touring format in Sweden in Autumn 2016 that will reach 8 venues and showcase 50 YouTubers at each venue.

Risto Kuulasmaa, the co-founder and CEO says:

“We value our community-drive method and work closely with the local creators to keep the program relevant for the creators and fans. Our goal is to confirm 10 new Tubecon events in Europe by the end of 2018 and build a Pan-European event platform connecting European creators with global brands and media partners”.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foin9PIGYX...