Videoink: Password Sharing Not the Biggest Problem for SVOD Services, Study Says

For movie and TV studios, the big bugaboo is people illegally copying or downloading their IP. For SVOD services, it’s another form of piracy – password sharing, which cost companies $500 million worldwide in 2015, according to a report by Parks Associates.

But a new study from IBM Cloud Video, titled “Everybody Wants to Rule the Streaming World,” suggests the real threats to SVOD services’ bottom lines might be of the self-inflicted variety – high prices, lack of good content and too many ads.

The study found that while 27% of respondents indicated that they have used someone else’s password to test a service, the borrowing usually occurs between family members. Forty-two percent of respondents indicated that they shared with their family, compared to a combined 4% of respondents who share with friends, roommates or anyone that asks.