Digiday: 4 ad industry standards taking aim at ad blocking

On a recent edition of the Digiday podcast, Forbes Media CRO Mark Howard referred to ad blocking as an “existential threat” with industry-wide implications. With such a shadow looming, a number of industry leaders have come forward to propose new ad standards.

The IAB, The Media Trust and even Adblock Plus have each suggested measures with the same goal in mind: to improve display advertising and stem the tide of ad blocker adoption.

Check out this round-up of the biggest player’s proposals and learn what’s at stake in each.


Who proposed it: The IAB

What it is: Consider Sir Joseph Whitworth, a 19th-century engineer who pioneered the notion that all screws should have the same thread-width. His suggestion to standardize that small detail allowed for the mass production of interchangeable machine parts, catalyzing the industrial revolution itself. Not to put too grandiose a spin on it (too late) but VAST does kind of the same thing.

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