Tubefilter: Jukin Media Launches Marketplace For Its Library Of User-Generated Videos

Jukin Media has built its business by serving as a home for fully-licensed, user-generated clips. Now, in order more effectively harness that library, Jukin has launched a digital marketplace, on which marketers, creators, and TV producers can search a database of videos to find the exact clip they need.

Jukin describes its marketplace as a “second generation licensing platform” that builds upon the company’s previous video licensing offers. Those who search the new database will find clips that have been submitted by their owners, who have agreed to share revenue with Jukin as their work appears across digital and TV platforms. Some of Jukin’s most famous offerings include Pizza Rat, the guy who gets kicked in the head by a train, and, more recently, Chewbacca Mom. Those well-known viral videos lead a library that includes more than 30,000 browsable clips.

“Brands are embracing [user-generated content] for its authenticity and its proven ability to drive engagement,” said Greg Bond, VP of Global Licensing at Jukin, in a press release. “Our platform offers the fastest and easiest way to discover great user-generated content and license it for use on any medium.”