Streamdaily: David Lang and the importance of timing

As digital streaming explodes, advertisers continue to try and get a piece of the pie.

Branded content isn’t exactly new, but it’s exploded in recent years online. Just ask David Lang, chief content officer at media agency Mindshare, who hosted a fireside chat June 7 at Stream Market.

Since he began at the company in 2007, he’s completed more than 500 branded content projects, mostly online, for clients, including ones for Sports Illustrated, Jaguar and Microsoft.

In fact, he was behind one of the first web-series-turned-linear-TV-shows, In the Motherhood. 

Created in 2009, the series had some star power, including Leah Remini and Chelsea Handler. Online, viewers would comment on the series and suggest future plots, which would then be turned into comedy by a team of writers. The series had some big brands on board, too, including Microsoft and Sprint.

And before long, the small web series garnered the attention of ABC.

“I saw ABC’s (phone) number come up and I thought it was my friend…who worked there,” he said in an interview with StreamDaily prior to the conference. “I thought someone was punking me, so I almost hung up on Steve McPherson (then-president of ABC).”