Tubefilter: YouTube To Discontinue Its Trends Map, Share Top Videos Elsewhere

f you want to discover fun new YouTube videos, there are plenty of ways you could go about your search. You could open up the trending tab on the video site’s homepage to see what’s going viral, or check your subscription box to see what your favorite creators are cooking up, or continue to read the blog you’re reading right now.

Unfortunately, one of YouTube’s most fun and interactive video discovery aids is about the close up shop. The site’s Trends Map, which allows users to filter popular content across geographic and demographic lines, will soon be discontinued.

The Trends Map, which first launched in 2013, separated the United States into dozens of regions, with a top trending video in each one. Additional controls allowed map users to separate trending videos by age and gender. On a day to day basis, the map generally produced some interesting insights. Right now, for example, most of America is captivated by the video embedded below, in which a gator strolls through a Florida golf course; around Yellowstone National Park, however, viewers are more interested in this encounter between a woman and an elk.