Tubefilter: AT&T Fullscreen Announce New Season Of Interactive Reality Series ‘Summer Break’

Summer Break, a real-time online reality series not unlike Laguna Beach for the Gen Z set, is poised to kick off its fourth season on June 26. Thus far, the show — which chronicles the lives of of a group California high school students during the summer before their senior year — has amassed 150 million views.

This season will differ from past iterations in that cast members will have the ability to share any content that they’d like with viewers onSnapchat as well as Public — a mass group texting platform. Fans can also write to cast members on Public. New episodes will air on theSummer Break YouTube channel every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

This season’s cast includes: Jessica Romoff, a spoken word poet and gender and racial equity activist; party animal Alexis Boyd Holling;Atiana De La Hoya, daughter of former professional boxer Oscar De La Hoya; strong-willed and sporty Kaylee Williford; instigator Zoe Newkirk; classic summer bro Ben SegalMadi Burton, an actor and social media personality; Instagram model Gia DiTullio; football playerChandler Gee; and twin brothers Jakob and Josef Katchem.