TubeFilter: Insights: Reaping The $22 Billion “Opportunity” In Mobile Entertainment

Tucked among analyst Mary Meeker’s many brain bombs in her latest Internet Trends report was this: There’s a “$22 billion opportunity” in mobile for U.S. publishers, creators and brands that could, that should, change all their businesses over the next few years.

That $22 billion is the delta between how much time audiences spend on their smartphones versus how much money advertisers are spending there compared to other platforms.

That compares to the long-suffering print industry (where I spent 20 years as a reporter), which looks headed for much more pain if and when advertisers shift their dollars to where the eyeballs are. With 4% of time spent, print still receives 16% of ad dollars, four times as much proportionally as some might think the industry “deserves.” Regardless of just deserts, that over-indexing in favor of print almost certainly won’t last forever.