Streamdaily: Snapchat isn’t just for kids anymore

No one has to say it anymore: Snapchat is huge, it’s growing and fast becoming a must-have for brands looking to reach digital-native teenagers and young millennials who’ve traditionally flocked to the platform.

But new research from eMarketer has found that Snapchat is no longer just for kids. The platform — where photos, video and text last only 24 hours — is quickly gaining ground among every age demographic in the U.S., including (gasp) mom and dad.

Between 2015 and 2016, the biggest increase in adoption came from the 25 to 34-year-old crowd, with 4.5 million new users in that age demo joining the platform in the past year (a 39.8% increase).

However, the 45 to 45 age group saw the next biggest increase, up 600,000 (35.2%). Falling just behind, the 35 to 44 demo saw an increase of 1.1 million (29%).