Mediavillage: NewFronts 2016 Closing Odds and Ends

he wave of announcements by participating companies for new virtual reality series or studios became so tidal, you expected every NewFront participating company to include something VR at their presentation. For Awesomeness TV and several other companies down the stretch last week, it became a public badge of honor to be a non-VR showcase -- and proudly say so.

My vote for Best New Presentation Site this year goes to the Altman Building on W. 18th St., halfway between Avenue of the Americas and 7th Ave. This modest Chelsea space was used to great advantage by Popsugar the first week and Whistle Sports last Wednesday.

My vote for Best Presentation Site that NewFronts and Upfronts should use more often: The Morgan Library & Museum on Madison Avenue near E. 36th St. A classy, eye-pleasing venue with a great cocktail reception lobby on the main floor and comfy auditorium downstairs. It's been home to National Geographic's NewFront breakfast the last two years and the atmosphere matches their ambition. Delivered some good mango/passion fruit juice this go-round. Be a good place for a channel or service entering the Upfront/NewFront scene to impress. What say you, WGN America, Bounce TV or Fusion?