Tubefilter: Top 100 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels Worldwide

Justin Bieber is still adding to his massive YouTube subscriber base an incredible clip, but it’s not longer the fastest rate among other channels on the platform. The Bieb’s added more than 744,000 new subscribers to his channel in the 30 days of April, which was good enough for the #4 spot on the chart. Replacing him at #1 is Fernanfloo. The 22-year-old El Salvadorian gamer’s channel jumped up 41% in its subscriber acquisition rate to add over 1.04 million new subscribers on the month.

In a distant second place is What’s Inside?. The YouTube channel that’s a video version of your elementary-school curiosity closed out the month with more than 846,000 new subscribers. In a not-close-at-all third place is Rihanna. The only video library of the 28-year-old Barbadian pop star is still doing some good “Work” on the charts, having amassed more than 751,000 subscribers during the month.

And rounding out the Top 5 is LeafyIsHere. The top US-based gaming channel on the chart was up 57% in its subscriber acquisition rate to top out at over 721,000 new subscribers in the month.