Tubefilter: Fullscreen Announces Corporate Rebranding

At its second-ever NewFronts presentation this afternoon, Fullscreen announced a corporate restructuring in which the company will henceforth be known as Fullscreen Media. The new entity will have three branches: the Fullscreen Creator Network, its foundational business helping creators grow viewership and monetization; Fullscreen Entertainment, which includes its live events (of which there will be over 250 in 2016), the new SVOD service, also called ‘fullscreen’ (on which the average user spends 48 minutes per day), and Rooster Teeth (which has one of the 10 most successful SVOD services in the U.S.); and Fullscreen Brandworks, a team dedicated to social media marketing.

The company’s new Brandworks division will be led by Pete Stein, who was formerly the CEO of digital ad agency Razorfish. One of the division’s first partnerships, announced today, is with Mattel. It will enable the toy company “to create deep, repeatable relationships with influncers” around its Hot Wheels franchise, Fullscreen said in a press release. Rather than a one-off sponsorship, Brandworks lets marketers collaborate with influencers that have an “organic affinity” to certain products and integrate their messaging with “fluidity” via multiple campaigns over time.

“We placed a big bet early on that creators would become media channels in their own right,” Fullscreen CEO George Strompolos said in a statement. “Today, we stand as a next generation media company transforming the way people watch and engage with content, serving creators, consumers, and brands that share this vision.”