StreamDaily: Yes streaming FOMO is a reality

Mark your calendars: Friday, May 20 is National Streaming Day. It’s the day when digital content consumers across the country settle into their favorite groove on the couch, wrap themselves in a light blanket, grab a snack and gear up for a night of YouTube, Hulu or Netflix (chill optional).

Tragically, employers will likely not be allowing any time off from work to mark the event, but connected TV tech firm Roku is celebrating anyway by releasing the findings of a recent online survey that looks into the streaming habits of American viewers.

The study found that most users significantly alter their habits or routines to accommodate streaming “FOMO” (hipster speak for “fear of missing out”). In some cases, streaming entertainment held higher value than some established personal daily habits or social interactions. For example, when asked if they would rather give up streaming or brushing their teeth for one week, 21% of respondents offered to drop their tooth-brushing habit.