MediaVillage: Studio 71 Saved by the Rock

Venue: Skirball Center on the campus of New York University, a beautiful home for music, theater and dance performances more Upfront/NewFront players should check out. The space has excellent seating and technical handiwork. Starz showed up here last November for its "Flesh & Bone" miniseries screening. You also have a comfortable foyer where lunch was served before and after the presentation. A life-size company logo occupied most of stage right; talk-show setting with sofas stage left. Grade: 4 Jacks

Presentation: Things got off to a fun start with a YouTube DJ (live and on video) going weird over buzzwords from snackable content to immersive. Company chief executive Reza Izad used his time to acknowledge the value of on-and-off-camera talent in the digital world. "They have the craft of speaking directly to an audience down," he noted. "And that talent is creating their work on laptops and cellphones. (Because of them), audiences are not shifting to digital media. They're already there." From there, the show concentrated on branded entertainment collaborations over the last after another after another the same case study fashion. Company exec sets up situation, shows video clip, walks to the sofas for debriefs with brand reps and in a case or two, the talent involved. The monotony on stage was broken up at one point by that DJ, returning to "interpret" an executive's deadpan rendition of new audience stats. With 10 minutes to go, I wondered if we were going to get anything other than case any idea of what's coming from this programmer in the months ahead. That's when "The Rock," in the great tradition of Mighty Mouse, came to save the day. Grade: 2 Jacks pre-Rock/2.5 Jacks post-Rock