Imedia: How do brands and solutions providers really feel about agencies?

When you're in the middle of the most critical ecosystem in digital, it's important to understand how the other industry participants feel about working with you. That was the core idea behind the Internet Advertising Association Alliance survey of more than 900 agency, brand, and solutions provider professionals. We wanted to help our industry understand the health of working relationships. And iMedia Agency Summit attendees got the first look at some of the surprising and thought-provoking insights we captured.

The IMAA is a national association of local marketing trade associations, with a particular focus on digital -- groups like ThinkLA, DFWIMA, LVIMA, sfBIG, AZIMA and 314 Digital. Our purpose is to facilitate the health and vitality of digital marketing in cities large and small. In all, 15 local digital marketing organizations participated in fielding and analyzing this research.

In such a survey, there are far more results than could be delivered in one on-stage presentation. So we decided to deliver the three most important -- and timely -- key takeaways. Jim Nichols, vice president of marketing for Apsalar and co-author of this piece, and I were joined onstage by Carol Wolowic, senior manager of media for Panera Bread and president of 314 Digital, as well as Stephen Heitz, managing director of interactive for the LAVIDGE agency and president of AZIMA. Here's the gist of what we shared.

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