TubeInsight: Top Social Video Creators & Channels - November 2016 Rankings

Did you know there were nearly 464 Billion video views generated across the 4 major social video platforms in November 2016? Or that BuzzFeed, The LAD Bible, The Daily Mail, and Now This were some of the top online video creators across any of those social networking sites? Or that the top 100 video brands and creators together generated 61.9 Billion cross-platform views in November, an increase of 12% compared to the previous month? These videos had an average V30 (views per video in 30 days) of 4.9 Million.

Each month, we will highlight the most watched video creators across YouTube, Facebook, Vine, and Instagram, and confirm the viewing figures for the top channels and accounts via Tubular's ranking leaderboards. The data will shine a spotlight onto the brands and independent creators who are generating the most video views across some of the world's biggest social video networking sites. This month, take a look at not just who is on top of the charts, but what type of content they are making. Based on this list, there is a noticeable trend for what type of content works best on which platform right now.

Source: Top Social Video Creators & Channels - November 2016 Rankings 
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