Yahoo News: Brand Video Communications Report Finds Agency/Brand Disconnect

NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Earning media is becoming harder yet more important to successful communication plans. Those were among the key findings of the Brand Video Communications Report from D S Simon Media and Talkwalker, which focused on earning media, the agency/brand disconnect, using data to target outreach and the power of video.

"You need to be rethinking your approach to earning media with creative ideas, new tools and using your social channels to generate coverage," says Doug Simon of D S Simon Media.

Agency/Brand Disconnect

The study found a significant disconnect between agencies and brands. 81% of agency communicators are satisfied with their team's ability to earn media on television for clients. In comparison, nearly two-thirds of brand communicators are frustrated with both their agency and in-house teams when it came to earning coverage on television. The report found brands insistence on overly commercial messaging is a significant roadblock.