Finnish national broadcasting company Yle’s Intention is to give youth a voice by launching a new media community of 15‐25 year‐old young content curators and creators. The content will focus on mobile‐driven snack size video, and the publishing mix includes online, television, radio and community events. The new strategy is co‐created with the youth with a long‐haul vision to create a new pulse of new generation media professionals in Finland. The platform will be named after a public name‐giving contest in August 2015.

Yle’s new co‐operative mindset with youth is built on three main pillars: content curating, micro‐funding and facilitator mindset.


The content will be curated by young Finnish curators hailing from multiple genres of media and maker culture. These young curators, or Content DJ’s, are chosen by Yle to represent the modern world of young Finnish people. The platform will publish three content streams: content made by youth, original content by main curator’s acquisitions and Yle’s own programming.

Hierarchy and control is minimized and the level of bottom‐up trust is set high.


Monthly youth board meetings will decide which youth projects will be granted and selected to the platform feed. The grants vary from a couple of hundred to 2000 euros per project. The creators apply for funding by video pitch through Yle’s online form. When submitting the pitch, the creators agree to deliver content under the shared rules of the community. The new approach of channeling the taxpayer’s money follows the manifesto co‐created by Yle and Yle’s young audience, rooting in the values of the national broadcaster.


Yle’s intention is to transfer ownership of the media to the young people and distance itself to the position of a facilitator. The decision of an “empty feed” approach was backed by a several month long co‐creation process with Yle’s young audience. Yle found its role as a facilitator and enabler: Its main task is to create the platform functionalities, openly offer its medias and create interest through marketing.

In relation to the ongoing discussion about the relevance of television to the millenials, the young planning group indicated that television should be part of the publishing mix. They felt television has an important role in amplifying young people’s voice and in creating public discussion in society. To do this, Yle will open a new night slot on TV2, airing a snack sized compilation loop every night. The content will be refreshed weekly.

The project has been initiated by Risto Kuulasmaa, the newly appointed Head of TV and Online at Yle:

“Our intention is to create a new media environment, where young creators can try things out and find support in each other. The youth projects will be partly financed by Yle, and the grants will fuel the projects and add value to the youth’s DIY work. Yle is proud to introduce this totally new approach as the forerunning public broadcaster and we’ll surely learn a lot on the way, during our three month pilot period from October to December.“

The platform will be launched in October 2015.  The project is one of the first outcomes of Yle’s new Digital Media Strategy, co‐created with Finnish people by open source method.