Multi-Channel Networks: Valuations tightly linked to viewership

Ampere Analysis has a hypothesis on how much the top YouTube multi-channel networks are worth. In a new report, the London-based media research and analytics company estimated that the top 100 MCNs could be valued somewhere in the $10 billion range.

Ampere used numbers from the past three years’ worth of MCN acquisitions by large media companies to reach the massive $10 billion figure. The research firm discovered MCNs with more than one billion monthly video views were each worth about $100 million, which drills down to about $0.10 per monthly video view on the individual networks.

Using that $0.10 per monthly video view standard, Ampere’s report claims the top 100 MCNs, which bring in about 100 billion monthly video views (or 42% of all of YouTube’s monthly video views), would reach a total valuation of about $10 billion if they were all sold.