STREAMDAILY: The Huffington Post partners with BBTV to launch Outspeak

A partnership between The Huffington Post and BroadbandTV has launched a next-gen journalism and talent network that aims to put current events into the hands of millennials and launch an army of brand new YouTube stars in the process.

Outspeak, as the new brand is called, combines Vancouver-based digital broadcaster BBTV’s 4.5 billion monthly views on YouTube with the HuffPost’s 214 million monthly unique visitors in a to create a strategic distribution ecosystem for content creators worldwide.

The Outspeak website is a self-defined “opinion outlet for the digital age,” with a focus on journalists and creators who offer “unique perspectives” on politics, entertainment, lifestyle, business and tech.

Outspeak content creators will be featured on YouTube as well as the HuffPost domain. Reps for BBTV said the companies have already signed some “fantastic” talent, whose names will be unveiled shortly.

A multi-million-dollar investment has also been made by both companies to develop the brand, though no one is disclosing any further details.

Shahrzad Rafati, founder and CEO of BBTV, said the deal allows her company to continue “building the strongest premium brands in online video, to develop the industry and take it to a new level.”

BBTV currently has more than 32,000 content creators under its umbrella, with a growing library of more than 11 million video assets, according to data provided by the company.