VIDEOINK: BroadbandTV — and a Hit Single — Raised Major Lazer’s YouTube Fortunes

Excerpt from VideoInk article:

A significant number, according to YouTube network BroadbandTV, which helps Major Lazer manage its presence on YouTube. As of today, “Lean On” videos have generated more than 258 million views on the world’s biggest video site. That includes the official video, the lyric video (with more than 31 million views), and more than 33,000 fan-uploaded videos, which combined to generate 51 million views. With the latter, that’s a good chunk of views — and income — that the band previously might not have had access to, without the help of BroadbandTV, which provides content management and strategy services for media companies and rights-holders on YouTube.

YouTube, for its part, offers Content-ID, which helps content owners find, claim, and earn revenue off clips featuring their IP. But while Content-ID has helped deliver more than $1 billion in revenue for music rights-holders, it’s a self-service product; content owners are responsible for their own audits. Companies like BroadbandTV, on the other hand (Zefr is another one), provide more hands-on guidance for content owners.

“We’re building one of the most impressive music ecosystems online by providing technology, services, distribution, and monetization to help artists become more successful,” says Shahrzad Rafati, founder and CEO of BroadbandTV.“Historically, artists have worked with talent managers and record labels to ensure their music is distributed and managed as successfully as possible. The market continues to evolve at an incredible rate and forward thinking artists such as Major Lazer understand that online video is the most important platform to engage with their fans — that’s where BroadbandTV comes in.”