STREAMDAILY: Whistle Sports onboards new media czar

Excerpt from article:

Digital sports network Whistle Sports has hired Bob Ciosek as its new chief creative officer. 

Brian Selander, Whistle Sports EVP, said the MCN began working the Ciosek several months ago during an intensive research project around Whistle Sport’s core millennial audience — specifically media consumption habits, purchasing intent and brand affinities. The study included hundreds of thousands of data points around how, what, when and why people make their content and buying choices.

“Along the way, we were blown away by Bob’s creativity, insight and analysis and hoped to make him part of the team,” said Selander in an email to StreamDaily.

“While he’d been a fan of what we were doing over the last year, after his own deep dive into the data and hours spent with the team, he became convinced this was where he should be and went all-in with Whistle Sports,” he said.

Launched in January, 2014, Whistle Sports has since garnered 3.55 billion views and more than 19 million (mainly millennial) subscribers across its network of 298 YouTube channels.