DIGIDAY: Maker Studios wants to go beyond the MCN label

Maker Studios made its name as a multichannel network, but it didn’t use that wonky Internet video term to describe itself during its NewFronts presentation. Instead, Maker stressed its huge content factory as filled with gamers, pranksters, fashionistas, athletes and nerds.

The pitch

A year after Disney bought Maker Studios, the leading multichannel network used its NewFronts event to reveal how it is (finally) leveraging the brands of its corporate parent. Not only does the Maker video network have massive scale — it now gets up to 10 billion monthly video views across 55,000 channels, according to Maker president Ynon Kreiz — but its new programming slate is rich with Disney brand integration, from Marvel to ESPN.

Notable quote

“Ultimately, hits are hits,” said Holt. “And data won’t necessarily create a hit. A book publishing company tried to crowdsource a novel, and it was shit. People don’t know what they want until they get it.”

Buyer’s take

“The talent announced, along with their new strategic partnerships with Marvel and ESPN, were impressive and very much in line with their millennial audience,” said Magda Alvarez, associate media director at Razorfish. “The unexpected part was Maker’s focus on investing in tech, which has allowed them to expand their content and distribution outside of their original programming.”

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