Excerpt from ReelSeo article - MCNs: YouTube Networks - Or - Multi-Platform Networks?

In other words, even if they don't always refer to themselves as MCNs anymore, Multi-Channel Networks are entities that affiliate with multiple YouTube channels, often to offer assistance in areas such as product, programming, funding, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, monetization/sales, and/or audience development. But, they're still selling slices off YouTube’s devoted fanbase, aren’t they? And they still have to give YouTube ~45% of their advertising revenue – even if they negotiate their own deals with brands and agencies, right? Well, not if MCNs are mutating into Multi-Platform Networks (MPNs).

GOVA POV: The media and entertainment companies that manage multi-channel networks have always been much more than just an aggregation of YouTube channels. These companies have defined new content formats, identified content verticals and built meaningful scale for advertisers on the YouTube platform. Social media distribution of content and the audience building practices have been standard fare across the top social platforms for the MCNs. The future holds promises of content business models on each of the social platforms to enable the companies to grow as they have through their partnership with YouTube.