BROADCASTING AND CABLE: What Do Advertisers Want from the Upfront and NewFronts?

So what have we learned from the 2013 and 2014 Upfront/NewFront events and presentations?

In surveying more than 600 agency and marketer advertising decision makers over the last two years, of whom slightly more than 80% saw Upfront/NewFront presentations either in person or by simulcast, we’ve collected a broad range of critical insights with regard to advertiser expectations.

Here are some of the high points from 2014:

• Roughly one-third of respondents said the events were better than those of 2013.
• There is still room for new standout entrants, as media decision makers give more weight to the power of individual media brands than they do to a media conglomerate’s portfolio.
• The top three topics and themes that resonated most with 2014 attendees when it came to post-event recall were, in order: 1) cross-platform solutions; 2) social media tie-ins and/or extensions; and 3) digital or mobile extensions.
•  The top three topics and themes that respondents wanted to hear more about were: 1) measurement issues; 2) innovative applications; and 3) video-on-demand usage and dynamic ad insertions.
•  The ideal mix at Upfront/NewFronts events begins with programming, followed by strategy, research and, lastly, talent.