Adweek: This Startup Delivers Athletic Entertainers That Millennials Love

Adweek: The NewFronts is a big deal for such a young company. How are you going to make the most of it?
Selander: We'll feature our relationships with brands and highlight our creators roster as well as pro-league partners like the NBA and MLB, which make us unique in the space.

What do you offer brands?
For Buick, as a recent example, we got some of our creators like [Vine star] Brodie Smith together for an NCAA Tournament bracket showdown, featuring some awesome trick shots.

Each of our creators went across their own social media channels to promote their trick shots. When it was done, there were 1.7 million Vine loops for the Brodie Smith clip alone. Buick was speaking to our core audience. So when you're 15 or 16, it can impact the purchase of your first car.