WSJ: Building an Anti-MCN?

From the article, "YouTube Star Michelle Phan Partners With Endemol to Launch the Anti-MCN", there seems to be a visible negative approach by first generation YouTube celebrity Michelle Phan toward the multi-channel networks. “I’ve never really believed in the MCN model,” she said. “That never resonated with me, and they are not well liked in the universe of creators. And I want to mentor and nurture talent, and help them build their powerful brands.”

Building and growing a content business on YouTube is becoming more and more complex with every new YouTube terms of service change, ad agency requirements, insurance needs, increasing copyright violations, and the huge influx of new channels and new creators addressing every audience and content need imaginable.

Multi-channels are built to navigate this ecosystem with their expertise, resources and specialized  manpower. As creators grow from small channels to full time interests, they gain the most from a partnership with an MCN that can help facilitate their growth on and off-YouTube. The entropy in online video is only increasing.

Throw into the mix that the biggest creators on the YouTube platform that have demonstrated staying power and continued relevancy are the ones that grew with an MCN from a mid-tier channel into to the top 1%. The value proposition has never been clearer.