At the NewFronts, Everybody Is Selling YouTube, and Sometimes Selling Against It

Important article by Mike Shields at WSJ discussing the Digital Content NewFronts and the role of YouTube and its multi-channel network (MCN) partners.

GOVA and the NewFronts presentations of its members, which are some of the most sought after events during the annual NewFronts, are clearly complementary to the massive and highly impactful efforts put forth by YouTube to move ad dollars from TV to online video. 

For critics who are quoted as saying there is "...confusion for brands when they’ve just wrapped their heads around video,” GOVA and its members believes this is does not have to be the case. In fact, many ad agencies have been proactive in their outreach to MCNs and are actively understanding and participating in the marketplace that is the Digital Content NewFronts. GOVA has been playing a critical role behind-the-scenes to facilitate the education and the connections between marketers and MCNs. 

As the article ends, "Regardless, all this makes for an intriguing marketplace this spring. David Cohen, chief investment officer at the ad buying firm UM said there is one factor that could help everybody on the NewFront docket: if the TV business continues to struggle, 'there will plenty off opportunities to spend money in digital.'" We agree.