Discovery Digital Networks announces today the launch of SUPER PANIC FRENZY, a new gaming-focused brand featuring daily “Let’s Plays” and livestreams, gaming news, original animations and much more – all anchored by popular YouTubers and avid gamers Phil DeFranco (The Philip DeFranco Show, The Vloggity), Steven Suptic (mlgHwnT) and Reina Scully (SourceFedNERD). SUPER PANIC FRENZY comes hot on the heels of SEEKER, which launched earlier this month, with both expanding the depth and breadth of Discovery Communications’ web-native content portfolio.  

SUPER PANIC FRENZY builds on a tremendously active community that DeFranco, Suptic and Scully have developed with nearly five million cumulative YouTube subscribers and Twitch followers. SUPER PANIC FRENZY will live online at, as well as on Twitch at  SUPER PANIC FRENZY also includes the DeFranco Games Twitch channel, which boasts more than 240,000 engaged subscribers and 39 million streams since its debut, as well as the SourceFedNERD YouTube channel, which reaches more than 750,000 subscribers of its own.

“At Discovery Digital Networks, community drives everything that we create. And, if there’s one thing we know about this community, it’s that they were practically born with a game controller in their hands. They love gaming as much as we do, if not more,” said Jeremy Azevedo, Head of Discovery Digital Networks – Los Angeles. “DeFranco Games is already among the most popular broadcasters on Twitch, ranking as a top 100 channel, and we couldn’t be more excited to deliver more of what our audience is clamoring for with SUPER PANIC FRENZY – with an open invitation to our fans, present and future, to come play with us.”

SUPER PANIC FRENZY will invite special guests from across the Discovery Digital Networks family and beyond to record and stream the most popular games every day of the week. The SUPER PANIC FRENZY community will also be able to get in on the action, as daily livestreams will often feature fans joining their favorite personalities in live gameplay, while weekends will feature skits and animations from the SUPER PANIC FRENZY team and friends.

To commemorate the launch, SUPER PANIC FRENZY is inviting online audiences to subscribe to the channel for a chance at giveaways ­­– as well as talent humiliation of epic proportions. When SUPER PANIC FRENZY hits 100,000 and 250,000 subscribers, the team will be giving away custom t-shirts from Discovery Digital Networks’ For Human Peoples merchandise brand, as well as a custom-skinned Xbox One signed by the SUPER PANIC FRENZY crew. If SUPER PANIC FRENZY hits 500,000 subscribersby March 23, host Steven Suptic has offered to either shave Reina Scully’s head or wax SourceFed host Steve Zaragoza’s entire body ­– depending on which one of the two he can catch and coerce first.

Audiences are invited to connect with SUPER PANIC FRENZY today on YouTube and Twitch. Network programming will begin on Monday, March 23.