Discovery Digital Networks announces today that renowned YouTube star, gamer and animator Steven Suptic has joined the web-native video arm of Discovery Communications as a producer and host. Better known to his more than 500K subscribers as mlgHwnT, Suptic brings his online enthusiasm and experience to Discovery Digital Networks’ programming portfolio, which boasts 150M monthly streams. Based in the DDN’s LA office, he will join the Streamy Award-winning SourceFed team, with new projects coming soon.

“Discovery Digital Networks is all about reaching new audiences with engaging, community-driven content, and Steve really exemplifies this,” said Jeremy Azevedo, Head of Discovery Digital Networks – Los Angeles. “Steve joins an amazingly talented team, and brings with him an incredibly unique skill set that will result in some of the greatest, weirdest and, mainly, fun content online today.”

“Doing what I’m passionate about is a dream and getting the call to pack up for California and join Discovery Digital Networks is beyond thrilling,” added Suptic. “I am excited to collaborate with the most creative minds in the industry…and to build a career based solely on Minecraft videos for the rest of my life."

With more than 510,000 subscribers and 83 million views on YouTube, Suptic is a self-described “animator, commentator and coffee enthusiast” best known for his animated series “To Save a YouTuber” and “To Kill a YouTuber,” both of which allow YouTube audiences to play a role in the outcomes of future episodes.