Pepsi’s Periscope Channel Launch Case Study at StreamConNYC: Twitter May Have Found Their Verve

Written by Hark Heyert, Director Technology and Analytics, GOVA

The inaugural StreamConNYC was a well organized event where industry insiders, fans, creators, and interested third parties were able to access each other and real world data about the ever-changing digital video ecosystem.  I will focus on a few of the industry and creator panels I attended and the opportunities that have arisen from the event.  Each will be a separate post here.

The "Launching Pepsi's Periscope Channel” was the blow by blow how Mekanism and Epic Signal helped the beverage giant launch their Periscope channel.  Here’s the description from the program “A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video can take you someplace and show you around.” Periscope was built on a dream of building a platform where one could discover the world through someone else’s eyes, as close to teleportation as possible. In an effort to grow a real-time social channel for Pepsi and their fans, Epic Signal leveraged music-focused Vine and Twitter influencers to launch Pepsi Periscope, beginning with the iHeart Radio + Flo Rida Concert earlier this year. During this case study, we will explore Pepsi’s Periscope activation highlights, results, and key takeaways. With Epic Signal.”  The presenters, Claire Fallon from Mekanism and Hallie Harris from Epic Signal, were enthusiastic and did a great job walking the audience through the what, how, and why they took the actions they took to drive tens of thousands of viewers to Pepsi’s Periscope channel launch.

Specifically, the channel launch was a success because Twitter, Vine, and Periscope were used together to drive viewers.  The story of the launch was told from influencers on either/both Vine or Twitter platforms using their voice and the platform’s tech in an organic and seamless way. Everything from the specific Vines to the hashtags used felt natural and did not convey a “click bait-y” or unauthentic experience for the user.  Twitter, Inc. should seize this case study and bring it to every agency who needs to create authentic content for their clients. The Twitter, Vine, and Periscope triple threat led to a hyper-engaged audience having the time of their lives all on their phone. This is content marketing to millennials done right. Here are some links to the handy work: