StreamDaily: How to deal with a problem like Sam Pepper?

GOVA strongly advocates for the role of the multi-channel network (MCN) in the development and distribution of new content within the YouTube ecosystem. Many procedures are put in place to positively effect the distribution of new videos on YouTube by creators within the networks of our member companies.

The MCN specific internal content policies and procedures are work arounds and off-YouTube management systems that are limited in their reach and scope due to the limited content management tools available on YouTube. So when a creator decides to ignore any process they can do so at their whim with limited controls from the MCN. Any repercussions are purely after the fact when the damage has already been done. This is a technological problem that must be addressed by YouTube through tools to allow for the best possible control of the release of new video content.

“This is a new breed of content creator, and they found success doing their thing,” says Paul Kontonis, executive director of the Global Online Video Association (GOVA). “They’re not developed, they’re not guided and told what to do. They don’t have writers. And they don’t feel beholden to anyone, network or brands, at all.”