Ad Exchanger: Yahoo And Amazon Try To Make Waves In Video Content Pool

Merging as one of its channel creators' most prolific partners, the recently developedtrade association Global Online Video Association (GOVA), comprises a number of multichannel networks (MCNs) like Maker Studios and Collective Digital Studio. The organization seeks to help its YouTube channel partners manage content and drive more ad dollars.

During a content and video summit hosted by Mindshare and Taboola Tuesday in New York, Jordan Bitterman, chief strategy officer for Mindshare North America asked Paul Kontonis, GOVA’s executive director, how Google’s video platform is planning for a new crop of competitors.

“GOVA looks at the ecosystem as a whole and realizes YouTube plays a huge role, as does Amazon, Yahoo, AOL and iTunes,” Kontonis said. He added the trade group represents billions of views every month and hundreds of millions of audience members. “We need a dialogue with advertisers, talent organizations, as well as the unions… each of these affect our ecosystem and if we want to raise revenue and awareness of the content we create, we need to optimize around each of those.”