StreamDaily: What can my MCN do for me? Fullscreen’s Ezra Cooperstein weighs in

Quotes from Ezra Cooperstein, COO of Fullscreen: "Our [Fullscreen] mission is to empower creators across any platform. We offer all creators access to our suite of technologies that support audience growth and monetization. For those growing in the millions, we develop a number of partnership opportunities for creators to benefit through collaborations, content distribution, original content production, licensing, publishing and brand partnerships. We’ve committed to investing $10 million in original content production, and also aim to work with select creators to fund their passion projects.

Programming by brand requires assessing the creator’s voice and aligning with their audience on a consistent basis. The creator knows their audience best, but we provide support by giving them the tools to ask the right questions and provide insights that can keep viewers coming back for more. Programming, in our case, means listening to audience feedback, reading and adjusting according to analytical data and pivoting programming as needed to make the best product for your audience."