NYTimes: YouTube Takes Manhattan, Article is a Rehash

David Carr from the NY Times visits the new YouTube Space in New York City. Carr writes: "It’s tough to predict what the combination of creators will be at the New York space. As Businessweek pointed out, people still make videos in their bedrooms, hoping lightning will strike. But in Los Angeles, mainstream media companies, new multichannel networks and old-fashioned Hollywood agents are all mixing it up in the YouTube space — both the one that exists on the web and the giant physical studio that was once the site of Howard Hughes’s airplane hangar."

In addition he adds: "YouTube has long been the Wild West of video, a place where creative anarchy pursued viral magic. Many of the videos piled up viewing numbers that left traditional players envious, but advertisers continued to put low value on those vast audiences. Now, by upping the game of many providers, YouTube can become a perpetual pilot machine, kicking up winners based on real-time metrics that could upend the current order."

Unfortunately Carr is choosing not to acknowledge the shifting landscape of media and marketing dollar spend to online video and particularly YouTube. The "Wild West" and low value dialogue demonstrates that while our industry is moving forward, mainstream media is choosing not to keep up.

Finally Carr fails recognize the massive studio and media video ecosystem that is rapidly growing and proving its worth. Using an old and myopic quote from Jason Calacanis further signifies that it is more interesting to some to trivialize what they do not understand.

This article demonstrate that our industry must continue to pursue raising the awareness of its robust and scalable media and content marketing offerings to advertisers.

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/13/business...