ADAGE: ABC Revamps YouTube Marketing to Better Reach Digital Viewers

"Just putting a TV spot on YouTube won't work," said Rebecca Mall, head of industry at Google, whose team is solely focused on consulting Walt Disney's entertainment division. "The way TV networks typically market shows on traditional platforms doesn't necessarily work on YouTube." Cinematic wide shots and trailers that take time to build, for example, work better on TV than in digital, Ms. Wall said. Online, networks need to get to the point immediately.

ABC partnered with six high-profile YouTube stars to promote the new series "Selfie." The broadcaster made a "Selfie Tag" video, which featured the show's characters, Eliza Dooley and Henry Higgs, answering questions and prompting viewers to post videos of themselves responding to the same questions.

Then ABC partnered with Maker Studios along with YouTube stars like CutiePieMarzia, who spread the word by creating videos with their own answers to the questions.