White paper: Earning and Owning YouTube

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Content marketing drives brand awareness, market penetration, preference and action. In combination with a paid, owned and earned marketing strategy, brand content is the accelerant required to reach maximum impact and performance.

The preferred platform for marketers targeting millennials through video must be YouTube and new video marketing programs are launching in ever increasing numbers. From original brand content and branded entertainment to co-created videos and curated playlists, marketers are focusing more and more of their media dollars onto content.


The results may look good on paper but really paint a picture of mixed results. Original videos that are little more than advertising may have great view counts thanks to paid media driving views but little to no engagement from their target audience. Those brands which approach content marketing in an authentic platform committed approach are finding that success can be predictable and repeatable.

The multi-channel networks (MCNs) are firmly established as sherpa partners for brands, marketers and agencies to successfully navigate the YouTube platform. From content development, to YouTube specific production, and access to the most powerful YouTube celebrities and influencers, these leading digital media and entertainment companies are maximizing the return of every marketing dollar. The Global Online Video Association (GOVA) member companies alone have executed hundreds of brand content marketing programs in 2014 and are on track to help marketers increase their video content marketing spending by 300% over 2013 with more tack able, meaningful and scalable results than ever before.

Savvy marketers realize that online video is a fundamentally different media for advertisers with strong online communities in which the creators themselves exert huge influence upon paid and earned media. A media strategy relying solely upon pre-roll advertising is simply not optimal and will fail to generate a meaning fulfill impact to any business. Key performance indicators (KPIs) like views will be met, paper will be pushed and someone's job will be safe. Advertisers music become part of the content ecosystem and create their own conversational experiences. The MCNs provide that bridge for achieving authenticity and creating undeniable value for marketers.

The leading online media companies, representing over 15+ Billion monthly video views announced the formation of GOVA in early 2014. GOVAs long term vision is to support the companies with significant investments in producing and monetizing original digital content including owning and operating a YouTube multi channel network.  During its first year, GOVAs mission has been to increase the awareness of the digital originals category amongst brands, agencies and consumers, optimize existing content marketplaces, explore common industry nomenclature and measurement standards, and increase dialogue with all partners in the digital originals supply chain including YouTube, Amazon and Facebook.

Marketing innovation opportunities are more numerous and as complicated as they have ever been. The power of YouTube as a content marketing platform the original, co-created and curated content is just starting to be explored by marketers. The good news is that video content marketing results are repeatable, meaningful and scalable and with the right ecosystem partner any marketer can ensure they take the most successful path.

Source: http://issuu.com/videoink/docs/whitepaper_...