StreamDaily: YouTube puts live streaming in users’ hands

ANAHEIM — Few events (if any) at this year’s VidCon attracted as big of a crowd as the keynote by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. (And, with 25,000 total delegates, that’s no small thing).

With standing-room-only in the third-floor ballroom at the Anaheim Convention Center, Wojcicki addressed several thousand industry delegates as she talked up the mainstream success of YouTube — and the increasingly vital part it has played in people’s lives, notably millennials.

“The bond between creators and their fans have never been stronger. In fact, 40% of millennials say that YouTube creators understand them better than their friends do,” she said, citing YouTube’s own research.

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Streamdaily: OTT eating away at YouTube’s millennial audience

YouTube had better keep an eye on OTT services because they’re stealing away more and more of its core millennial audience.

According to the latest State of Online Video Report from Limelight Networks, OTT services are surging in popularity, with seven in 10 consumers currently subscribing to at least one. The most significant growth has been seen in people subscribing to two OTT services, which has increased from 15.53% in December 2015 to 18.78% in June 2016.

But the success of OTT services has come at the expense of YouTube. It’s a shift that, interestingly enough, has been driven by millennials in particular (the report features a special section dedicated to the 18 to 34 crowd), who are increasingly abandoning the video sharing site’s content in favor of the TV shows and movies available on OTT services.

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Tubefilter: Maker Studios Makes Its Pitch As Emmy Nominations Draw Near

his year’s Primetime Emmy Awards will feature an expanded slate of short form categories, and with the awards show’s voting periodnow open, digital media companies are looking to cash in. In particular, online video network Maker Studios, which produces some of the most popular web series on YouTube and beyond, recently made its Emmys pitch with a full-page “for your consideration” ad in the print version of The Hollywood Reporter.

In its ad, Maker calls out several of the shows it has produced over the past year, including Scare PewDiePiePugatory, and long-running stalwart Epic Rap Battles of History. “Yo #emmys you around?” reads a post on the network’s Instagram feed. “For your consideration…”

The new categories, which include Outstanding Short Form Series — Variety, Outstanding Actor in a Short Form Series — Comedy or Drama, and Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Series — Comedy or Drama, seem like the perfect way to represent digital producers at the Emmys, but the Maker Studios’ and Fullscreens of the world will have plenty of competition. At the Creative Arts Emmys, for example, the Original Interactive Program category has tended to showcase a mix of digitally-native programs and online companions for TV shows.


Tubefilter: AT&T Fullscreen Announce New Season Of Interactive Reality Series ‘Summer Break’

Summer Break, a real-time online reality series not unlike Laguna Beach for the Gen Z set, is poised to kick off its fourth season on June 26. Thus far, the show — which chronicles the lives of of a group California high school students during the summer before their senior year — has amassed 150 million views.

This season will differ from past iterations in that cast members will have the ability to share any content that they’d like with viewers onSnapchat as well as Public — a mass group texting platform. Fans can also write to cast members on Public. New episodes will air on theSummer Break YouTube channel every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

This season’s cast includes: Jessica Romoff, a spoken word poet and gender and racial equity activist; party animal Alexis Boyd Holling;Atiana De La Hoya, daughter of former professional boxer Oscar De La Hoya; strong-willed and sporty Kaylee Williford; instigator Zoe Newkirk; classic summer bro Ben SegalMadi Burton, an actor and social media personality; Instagram model Gia DiTullio; football playerChandler Gee; and twin brothers Jakob and Josef Katchem.


StreamDaily: Machinima brings originals’ slate to Spain, Portugal

Gamer-focused digital media co Machinima has partnered with AMC Networks International Iberia to deliver gaming, hero and e-sports content to Spanish and Portuguese audiences via a new, niche SVOD channel.

Launch date and price for the on-demand channel have not yet been made public; however, Machinima has confirmed the channel will be available to viewers in Spain and Portugal across connected TVs and iOS/Android apps, as well as pay TV operators.

Programming is expected to feature Machinima’s original productions, such as the recent hit series Street Fighter: Resurrection, e-sports reality show Training CampThe Bacca Chronicles from influencer JeromeASF and the upcoming Transformers: The Combiner Wars, pictured.



StreamDaily: Studio71 gets ready to Rumble

Open source video platform Rumble, which allows publishers to monetize videos they’ve embedded in their individual web pages, has struck a new partnership with Studio71.

More than 100 YouTube creators from Studio71 will bring their content to the Toronto-based company’s platform, giving them the opportunity to expand their social reach while offering Rumble access to content from some of Studio71’s most buzz-worthy influencers.

Those participating in the deal include heavyweights Epic Meal Time (seven million subscribers), Matt Santoro (5.4 million) and Kathleen Lights (2.2. million).

Chris Pavlovski, Rumble CEO, describes the company as a “creator-centric” platform. But the publishers are also big beneficiaries of the business model.




TubeFilter: Insights: Reaping The $22 Billion “Opportunity” In Mobile Entertainment

Tucked among analyst Mary Meeker’s many brain bombs in her latest Internet Trends report was this: There’s a “$22 billion opportunity” in mobile for U.S. publishers, creators and brands that could, that should, change all their businesses over the next few years.

That $22 billion is the delta between how much time audiences spend on their smartphones versus how much money advertisers are spending there compared to other platforms.

That compares to the long-suffering print industry (where I spent 20 years as a reporter), which looks headed for much more pain if and when advertisers shift their dollars to where the eyeballs are. With 4% of time spent, print still receives 16% of ad dollars, four times as much proportionally as some might think the industry “deserves.” Regardless of just deserts, that over-indexing in favor of print almost certainly won’t last forever.


Reelseo :8 Unmissable VidCon 2016 Industry Track Seminars Video Marketers Must Catch

The online video industry is evolving at such a rate that technologies and platforms that were new last year have become the industry standards in 2016. So, for brands, online video professionals, publishers, marketers, and advertisers, attendance of the VidCon 2016 Industry Track is an absolute must!

As mobile viewership and online video continue to dominate, and state-of-the-art technologies like virtual reality become mainstream tools for consuming content, marketing professionals should aim to be on the forefront of these changes because this industry moves at a vigorous speed. The VidCon 2016 Industry Track is the place to get up-to-date learnings on the new best practices. Hear from the industry leaders who set the standards, talk about how they did it best and what they see in store for the future of online video and how you can apply their advice to reach your marketing goals.