Tubefilter: Maker Studios’ First Feature Film The Satirical ‘Internet Famous, To Arrive June 21st

Having achieved success thanks to its network of popular social media stars, Maker Studios is now expanding into film, and its first feature-length offering is less than a month away from its arrival. Internet Famous, which stars Shane Dawson as one of five nominees at a fictitious “Web Star of the Year” ceremony, will be available June 21st on iTunes.

The stars of Internet Famous are all known for their digital work, but in the film, those creators will spoof themselves and their colleagues. In mockumentary fashion, Internet Famous sends up various web star archetypes, including the “one-hit wonder,” “the prankster,” and others. Beyond Dawson, other creators who appear in the film include Amanda CernyChristian DelGrossoSteve Greeneand Richard Ryan.

In addition to announcing the release date for Internet Famous, Maker Studios also shared a trailer for the film. Between the mockumentary style and the quirky characters, there is definitely a bit of a Christopher Guest vibe in play, albeit with a slightly sillier tone that will appear to the movie’s target audience.


Mediavillage: NewFronts 2016 Closing Odds and Ends

he wave of announcements by participating companies for new virtual reality series or studios became so tidal, you expected every NewFront participating company to include something VR at their presentation. For Awesomeness TV and several other companies down the stretch last week, it became a public badge of honor to be a non-VR showcase -- and proudly say so.

My vote for Best New Presentation Site this year goes to the Altman Building on W. 18th St., halfway between Avenue of the Americas and 7th Ave. This modest Chelsea space was used to great advantage by Popsugar the first week and Whistle Sports last Wednesday.

My vote for Best Presentation Site that NewFronts and Upfronts should use more often: The Morgan Library & Museum on Madison Avenue near E. 36th St. A classy, eye-pleasing venue with a great cocktail reception lobby on the main floor and comfy auditorium downstairs. It's been home to National Geographic's NewFront breakfast the last two years and the atmosphere matches their ambition. Delivered some good mango/passion fruit juice this go-round. Be a good place for a channel or service entering the Upfront/NewFront scene to impress. What say you, WGN America, Bounce TV or Fusion?


Social media week: The Facebook Vs. YouTube Fight Continues New Video Ad Formats Arrive On Facebook

It’s no secret how critical video has become lately in marketing and advertising, and Facebook is one of the biggest proponents of this trend. In fact, they seem to be pushing the trend forward single-handedly.

To compete with other video tech companies, such as YouTube, there are two new additions coming to Facebook and its Audience Network. The first is the ability to run pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video ads within other video content.

This means your video ads no longer need to stand alone, but rather they can be a part of a different publisher’s content.


Tubefilter: Fullscreen Announces Corporate Rebranding

At its second-ever NewFronts presentation this afternoon, Fullscreen announced a corporate restructuring in which the company will henceforth be known as Fullscreen Media. The new entity will have three branches: the Fullscreen Creator Network, its foundational business helping creators grow viewership and monetization; Fullscreen Entertainment, which includes its live events (of which there will be over 250 in 2016), the new SVOD service, also called ‘fullscreen’ (on which the average user spends 48 minutes per day), and Rooster Teeth (which has one of the 10 most successful SVOD services in the U.S.); and Fullscreen Brandworks, a team dedicated to social media marketing.

The company’s new Brandworks division will be led by Pete Stein, who was formerly the CEO of digital ad agency Razorfish. One of the division’s first partnerships, announced today, is with Mattel. It will enable the toy company “to create deep, repeatable relationships with influncers” around its Hot Wheels franchise, Fullscreen said in a press release. Rather than a one-off sponsorship, Brandworks lets marketers collaborate with influencers that have an “organic affinity” to certain products and integrate their messaging with “fluidity” via multiple campaigns over time.

“We placed a big bet early on that creators would become media channels in their own right,” Fullscreen CEO George Strompolos said in a statement. “Today, we stand as a next generation media company transforming the way people watch and engage with content, serving creators, consumers, and brands that share this vision.”


Tubefilter: Top 100 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels Worldwide

Justin Bieber is still adding to his massive YouTube subscriber base an incredible clip, but it’s not longer the fastest rate among other channels on the platform. The Bieb’s added more than 744,000 new subscribers to his channel in the 30 days of April, which was good enough for the #4 spot on the chart. Replacing him at #1 is Fernanfloo. The 22-year-old El Salvadorian gamer’s channel jumped up 41% in its subscriber acquisition rate to add over 1.04 million new subscribers on the month.

In a distant second place is What’s Inside?. The YouTube channel that’s a video version of your elementary-school curiosity closed out the month with more than 846,000 new subscribers. In a not-close-at-all third place is Rihanna. The only video library of the 28-year-old Barbadian pop star is still doing some good “Work” on the charts, having amassed more than 751,000 subscribers during the month.

And rounding out the Top 5 is LeafyIsHere. The top US-based gaming channel on the chart was up 57% in its subscriber acquisition rate to top out at over 721,000 new subscribers in the month.


StreamDaily: Yes streaming FOMO is a reality

Mark your calendars: Friday, May 20 is National Streaming Day. It’s the day when digital content consumers across the country settle into their favorite groove on the couch, wrap themselves in a light blanket, grab a snack and gear up for a night of YouTube, Hulu or Netflix (chill optional).

Tragically, employers will likely not be allowing any time off from work to mark the event, but connected TV tech firm Roku is celebrating anyway by releasing the findings of a recent online survey that looks into the streaming habits of American viewers.

The study found that most users significantly alter their habits or routines to accommodate streaming “FOMO” (hipster speak for “fear of missing out”). In some cases, streaming entertainment held higher value than some established personal daily habits or social interactions. For example, when asked if they would rather give up streaming or brushing their teeth for one week, 21% of respondents offered to drop their tooth-brushing habit.


WhistleSports: Whistle Sports spans the digital-linear divide

Six months after cutting its first linear deal with Nickelodeon, digital-first network WhistleSports is bringing more of its programming to the traditional screen through partnerships with NBC, Tegna Media and Sky.

So far, details are scarce on the creative content involved in the newly announced pacts. Specifics are expected to be announced by each network “when they’re ready for a full roll-out,” Brian Selander, the network’s EVP told StreamDaily in an email.

Selander said the new programming will be based on the network’s analytics “and the passion of engaged audience that’s eager to see more sports in more ways than a live game that only one network can broadcast at a time.”


New Form Digital: New Form Digital adds key executive roles

New Form Digital, the next-gen studio founded by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, has added three executives to its ranks as it looks to keep pace with a boom in content demand.

Coming on board to lead New Form’s in-house marketing team is Jodi Flicker (pictured, above right). In her new VP role, Flicker will oversee all brand and consumer marketing initiatives. She previously served as executive marketing consultant for Warner Bros. Digital following terms as VP, audience development in the Warner Bros. worldwide television marketing group and VP, marketing/audience development at CBS Interactive. Flicker’s career has been focused on specializing in emerging areas of consumer marketing.